A Disciple's Path

Week 6

Week’s Objective:

     To discover how to share our faith:

Opening Prayer

Biblical Foundation:

     Read Matthew 28:16-20; 2 Timothy4: 1-2; Matthew 5: 14-16

Brief summary of the passages:  We are called to share the good news of Jesus

      Discussion:  What does “good news” mean to you?  How are we the “city on the hill,” and what responsibilities come with that?

      Workbook Discussion:  How have you felt God’s love and grace in your life?

Which of the six styles of sharing Christ: Intellectual, Confrontational, Testimonial, Interpersonal, Invitational, and Serving, best suits your way of witness?

Stephen Verney is quoted as saying evangelism is “the inevitable outpouring of love” and “if the fire of love is burning, the church cannot help evangelizing.” 
How can Portage Chapel Hill grow and show that love?

Take Home Message:  What one item “spoke” most loudly or clearly to you?

Closing Prayer:


Week 5

Week’s Objective:

            -Understanding the process of discerning our spiritual gifts and how to use them in service to God and the world

            -Understand that God uses all of us ordinary people of the church to accomplish the transformation of the world.

            -To Each a Gift:

  • all followers of Christ are united in one mission
  • all followers have been given a gift
  • every gift makes a difference
  • every gift is given for the common good
  • every follower becomes a coworker with God when we discover and use our gifts

Opening Prayer: workbook p. 81

Biblical Foundation:

            Read - Ephesians 4: 1-16

            Briefly summarize passage

            Discuss – What is meant by “More salespeople for the gospel not needed.   More free samples are what’s needed”  What is the difference between being a volunteer and a servant?

Workbook Discussion:

Who knows if we have not been created, called, and gifted for just such a time as this?

  1. How have you experienced some awareness of a calling to ministry as a disciple of Jesus? What are the ways you serve others now – formally and informally?
  2. If you took the Spiritual Gifts assessment, did you have any surprises? Do you have any thoughts about how God might use your gifts in ministry?
  3. Describe the most positive serving/volunteer experience you have had (in church or elsewhere). How did you see God working in and through you?
  4. What breaks your heart, or makes you angry, when you look at the world? Do you have ideas for how you, or our church, might begin to address that situation?