Thank you for supporting the ministries of Chapel Hill

Why I Give...
Many of us dedicate our time, talents, and resources to the ministries of the church.  As we give, we also receive. This is the reciprocal relationship we have with our church community.  The reciprocal relationship at PCHUM is needed to build our church to be a home where every person belongs to God and to one another and also to be a transforming community of faith where each discovers and responds to God’s call.  The reciprocal relationship also means that the giver is blessed just as much as the one who receives.  For more, see Stories of Giving.

Online Donation
By selecting the GIVE button below, you will be directed to a secure site where you can establish a User ID and Password to your PCHUM account information.  Once established, this basic information can be accessed to make changes to your giving dates, amounts, or special giving opportunities.  Creating a monthly or weekly automatic gift makes it possible for the church to plan in a consistent way—even if you are out of town or unable to be here for services.  If you prefer to not establish an account, there is an option for one-time giving as well. The giving options are broken down by groups that handle each of the following areas:

  • General Fund  - with options to give to a specific fiscal year.
  • Other – for use if you aren’t sure what category to use!  Be sure to add a memo.
  • Facilities – Trustee/Finance type areas
  • Faithful Community – All Program, Class, Events, Hospitality
  • Faith in Action – Missions, Community Organizations and Conference Gifts
  • Worship & Spiritual Team – Worship and Music

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