Haverhill Elementary Donations

The Home Stretch!!!

During the school year, we partner with Haverhill and donate school supplies, back packs, and books during the year. As the school year is winding down, teachers and staff have continued needs for supplies. Here’s the list: LEGOS, sidewalk chalk, skinny dry erase markers (black and other colors), headphones (ear buds), pencils, crayons, markers, black white board markers, hand wipes, fine point white board markers, Elmer’s glue, pink pearl erasers, pencil top erasers, Playdough (small party favor size), potting soil, flower seeds, label refills for label maker (DYMO), white cardstock, classroom lap trays (Meijer or Hobby Lobby), whiteboard erasers, Clorox wipes, socks, underwear, pants sizes 6-8 (boys or girls), hand sanitizer, Lysol spray.

Many of these items can be purchased locally at one of our Dollar Stores. Markers, ear buds and crayons seem to be the most needed. Any donations are appreciated.

There is a labeled bin outside the Sanctuary and are due May 6. Thanks! Questions? Contact patcatellier@pchum.org