Interfaith Potluck Picnic, July 30th, 2017

Interfaith Picnic July 30th beginning at 3pm on the Church Lawn!
Chapel Hill will host the Temple B’nai Israel and Congregation of Moses Jewish faith communities, and the Muslim faith community of the Kalamazoo Islamic Center.  Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts will be brought from these communities, while Chapel Hill will provide salads and drinks.  In support of our Jewish family members, we ask that salads be prepared in consideration of Halal and Kosher.  There is plenty of information you can find on line about Jewish and Muslim dietary laws, but for our purposes in preparing salads, think vegan.  Here is a website with 25 vegan salad recipes.  Keep in mind that foods should not include alcohol in content or preparation, nor any animal or dairy products.

In addition to food considerations, remember that our standards of clothing for the summer may be typically more revealing that our faith siblings may be comfortable with.  No short-shorts, no bare midriffs, keep shoulders and chests covered.  All of this represents simple ways we respect each other’s traditions and sense of the sacred.

The Faith in Action Team of Chapel Hill will be coordinating set-up, paper and plastic products, and providing drinks.  This is a family event for all ages and will include games (if you have family lawn games, please bring them!), and opportunities for conversation and laughter.  As some of those attending will have Arabic as their primary language, feel free to download an Arabic-English translator on your smart phone to help with communication.  There will be bilingual members of the community present to help, as well.  PLEASE sign up at either bulletin board at church (upstairs across from the office or downstairs by the south entrance) or online HERE to indicate your attendance, that you will bring a salad to share, and/or that you will help with set-up, hospitality, and/or tear-down.