Statement on In-Person Worship

Statement to the Congregation of Portage Chapel Hill Church

This is the most recent statement from the Guidance Board, dated March 17, 2021

Last November we responded to the surge in COVID-19 cases by restricting access to church facilities. We stopped offering in-person worship for our congregation and closed our indoor facilities for gatherings. We later closed our grounds to outdoor meetings as well. We have continued this policy through the winter while continuing to offer our worship services online and provide virtual gatherings for our congregation.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve as our understanding of this deadly virus has developed. After considerable deliberation, we have decided to continue our policy of keeping Portage Chapel Hill closed for indoor worship and meetings. But, effective immediately, outdoor meetings and gatherings will be permitted on church grounds.  Participants must follow guidelines and be appropriately screened, masked, and socially distanced. 

We will continue to closely watch the community’s COVID-19 data and consider the health and safety of our clergy and our congregation as we respond to this pandemic. We will continue to worship and connect in fellowship with each other through this difficult time.

The Guidance Board