COVID-19 Response

A Portage Chapel Hill COVID-19 Update

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I continue to pray for you and your health in this unprecedented time. As the messages of governmental leaders have not always been consistent or clear, I intend to continue to lead Portage Chapel Hill in this time with best practices as guided by both science and the faith tradition we share.

The science is clear that in this time we honor each other best by doing all the stuff we have been hearing about since February: wash hands for 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer, stay socially distanced (at least 6 feet apart), don’t touch your face or other people, enjoy the outdoors but use the same standards, and wear a mask. 

I so want to be in physical worship with you all. But my bottom-line message right now is that we need the sanctuary to be occupied by physically healthy people, folks with the LOWEST risk should they contract COVID-19. Stay home if you are dealing with any kind of immune deficiency, if you are “aged”, if you have young kids (there is no childcare or Sunday School right now), or if you are just not sure you are ready to be in shared interior space with other folks. We will be prepared for seating for around 70 people in the sanctuary. Worship is designed now to maximize the livestreaming experience, as I believe that getting back to what we once knew as “normal” is still a long way away. I also know that livestreaming will be a regular ministry of Chapel Hill even after something like “normal” re-emerges.

Even as science directs us in how best to take care of our physical selves in this time, I encourage you to take advantage of other builders of spiritual, psychological, and social strength offered online by Chapel Hill and other progressive Christian resources. In these often-confusing, always stressful times we need to find more ways to keep ourselves connected to Jesus, the rock of our faith.

Be safe, be well, be blessed~

Pastor Barry