Resettle Our Afghan Neighbors

Refugee Family Update 

Portage Chapel Hill Church and Bethany Christian Services partnered late last year to welcome and settle a family of seven who fled Afghanistan in August 2021 to the Kalamazoo area. The family consists of a mother and father and five girls ranging in age from 8 years to a few months old. They have moved into a rented house, the father is working, and the two oldest girls are in a special classroom at school that’s concentrating on teaching English to those students who know virtually none. They’re also getting tutoring at home from one of Chapel Hill’s Refugee Resettlement Team volunteers. Mom is staying home with the youngest three girls; the middle daughter is enrolled in preschool 3 days per week. Mom and Dad are attending English classes twice a week, plus getting tutoring by several volunteers. They seem quite well settled into life in the U.S.  

The family says they feel well taken care of, and really appreciate everything that’s being done to help them settle into their new home.

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