United Methodist Camping

Summer camp is back for 2021! 

Portage Chapel Hill Church is proud to pay 50% of the cost of sending your young person to camp! When you register, make sure to list Portage Chapel Hill Church as your church affiliation and pay your half of the cost, and we will take care of the rest.

To find a United Methodist camp please visit umcamping.orgFor more information about United Methodist Camping's COVID safety policy CLICK HERE.

Another great option for Christian camp is Lake Louise Camp. Find out more by visiting lakelouisecommunity.org. Chapel Hill will pay 50% of the cost for Lake Louise as well. Again, be sure to list Portage Chapel Hill Church as your home church when you register! To see Lake Louise Camp's COVID safety policy please CLICK HERE

Portage Chapel Hill wants to make sure every kid can go to camp. There are scholarships and rebates available through United Methodist Camping, and if there is a need for a full scholarship from Chapel Hill please don't hesitate to let us know. You may contact Pastor Barry confidentially at barrypetrucci@pchum.org

If you have any questions please contact the church office at office@pchum.org or by calling (269) 327-6643.