Virtual Communion

  Fellowship Cup

In the days leading up to the first Sunday of each month, Chapel Hill will be providing the Communion elements, known as "Fellowship Cups," available to be picked up at the church. Each Fellowship Cup contains a Communion wafer and a single serving of grape juice (the wafers are not gluten-free; we are unable to offer a gluten-free option at this time). These elements have been prayed over by  Pastor Barry and Pastor Jess, blessed as ordinary elements set apart for the use of communion in worship Sunday. Please note: they have not been consecrated as a part of Communion; that will happen as part of the worship service.

If you are  unable to stop by the church, you may pick up grape juice and bread on your own and share the elements at home at the appointed time. Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns by emailing or by calling (269) 327-6643





A note from Pastor Jess Davenport and Pastor Barry Petrucci about continuing the Sacrament of Communion at Portage Chapel Hill:

At the beginning of this pandemic, it seemed safe and wise to pause and reconsider how we did certain parts of worship. That led Portage Chapel Hill, along with most United Methodist churches, to discontinue the practice of having Communion as a part of online worship. Considering that online worship will be around for the foreseeable future, and that we strongly believe that Communion is an essential Christian practice and means of grace, we have decided to incorporate it back into our worship practice. 

This might feel weird and uncomfortable for some. If you are not comfortable taking Communion via livestream know that we value and appreciate your dedication to this Sacrament and it’s meaning.

We celebrate Communion in worship. When you worship online, you are still considered part of the gathered body and present in communal worship. For that reason, we would ask that if you plan to take Communion, you do so at the appointed time during the Sunday service when we gather together as a communal act.