Earth Day 2021

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Shrinking Chapel Hill’s Carbon Footprint

During the last year, we all noted the amazing "physical plant" work we have been able to do even as the church building has been mostly on COVID Shut-Down. New sewage connection, new parking lots, new roof, new carpeting in the office areas and now moving downstairs into the Christian education rooms.

Over the years we have had a number of analyses around energy efficiency and changes that we might make to become less carbon-dependent. So, I asked long time Chapel Hillian and Maintenance Custodian John Ruhrup to tell me how we are doing on shrinking the carbon footprint of Chapel Hill. His response:

Since April of 2017 we have made the following energy efficient upgrades:

· Seven furnace/air conditioners have been replaced. The furnaces have variable speed blowers that match the fan speed to the heating & cooling load. The air conditioners are higher efficiency and use an environmentally friendlier refrigerant.

· One air conditioner on the west side has been replaced with a mini split that allows for individual room temperature control.

· Furnace thermostats have been replaced with WIFI connectable units.

· Narthex (lobby) and Sanctuary lighting has been converted to LED, replacing 500 watt halogen bulbs with 30 watt LEDs.

· The office and Food Pantry lighting is being converted to LED.

· The church sewer connection has been converted to gravity, eliminating the use of pumps.

Not a bad effort!

Indeed, John, not a bad effort! Kudos to the Facillities Team led by Dan Janecke, and to John Ruhrup for continually considering replacements and upgrades that benefit our stewardship of the earth. It is another place where our faith makes a difference in helping to bring about God’s Kin-dom on Earth!

Have ideas for shrinking Portage Chapel Hill's Carbon Footprint? Send a note to and we will get it where it needs to go!

Pastor Barry