Election Day Prayer Vigil

Look among all the people for capable persons who respect God. They should be trustworthy and not corrupt. Set these persons over the people…

Exodus 18:21

The months of media propaganda raising up candidates and knocking down candidates is coming to a close. Some of us have already submitted our ballots. Others will go in person on election day to complete their civil responsibility in voting. As a faith community, the pastors of Portage Chapel Hill call us to a 24-hour Prayer Vigil for a clear and trustworthy outcome, for civility in accepting the decision, for God’s grace to reign in the voting and in the aftermath, and for the nation to unite in moving on in unity for the common good of all people.

This election day prayer vigil will begin at 7 am on Monday, November 2 and go through 7 am on Tuesday, November 3: Election Day. Click here to register for a 30-minute time slot. 

The Election Day Prayer Vigil is a meaningful opportunity to include your children in prayer. Children learn from seeing and doing with their important people at home. You are invited to use these prayer helps as start to a bigger conversation about God, the election, or as a simple way to say thank you for the day. 

When we pray we are in relationship with God. God is present with us in our thoughts and in our heart. God loves us and being in prayer is a way to return that love. You are invited to use the prayers on this page as a way to initiate your prayer time, to start a conversation with God. It's okay if written prayer isn't what you need or want. Sitting in silence with God is prayer too. Sitting with a journal, singing or drawing, or even walking, as you think and talk to God are all okay. Portage Chapel Hill Church hopes that you find this prayer vigil meaningful as we pray together as the body of Christ. Be blessed.