FAQS on Sunday

Where do I park?
If possible, park on the south side of the building (the entrance on Oakland Drive)…there is a covered drop-off area if you have folks with mobility issues or if the weather is nasty. If needed, there is also an abundance of Handicapped Accessible parking in this area. There are two sets of entry doors on the south side. If that area is full, the large lot on the west side (the entrance on Romence Road) of the building is always available to you. Come in the entry door furthest to the south...this is not the prettiest of entries, but it will get you in the building.  Upstairs to nursery and worship, same level will take you to Sunday School sign-in for kids.  Signs will guide you! Come on in!

What happens now that I’m inside?
You will be greeted, but not jumped on! If you want space to explore, no problem. If you want to socialize and get to know folks, to ask questions or find out who’s who, there is space for that as well. There are signs to make it clear where you are going…and the greeters will help you find your way if you want that.  You can grab coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cookies, etc. before during and after worship in the lobby area (classically called “The Narthex”).  It is a great time to meet folks.

What should I expect during the actual Worship Service?
This all depends on your past history of “church” and which worship service you attend. Our worship happens at three times, in three flavors…so check out the descriptions HERE to make a first time choice. In each, you should expect to find good music, opportunities to sing, chances to be in prayer and meditation, a time to hear a Bible reading, and a relevant message from the pastor that may be deeply comforting or radically challenging! 

What Should I Wear?
Be comfortable and be yourself. You will see a few folks in dressier, Sunday best…but most everyone is in casual, what we wear everyday stuff. We are not interested in clothing setting up visible economic differences between us, so most everyone comes casual and ready to receive what God has in mind for us on that day.

What will my children do during Church?
Chapel Hill is a family church where the families come in all kinds of configurations! Kids are welcome in worship, though there is nursery care for little ones newborn to 3 years so that parents feel comfortable in worship.  In “The Gathering” worship at 9:00am there is a creative kid space in the sanctuary where the kids can play quietly with blocks, puzzles or draw.  “The Journey” worship at 11:00am was designed with family worship in mind so children are welcome here as well.  A Children's worship is also available during the 11:00am worship service. This is a  special time for kids aged preschool thru 4th grade. The Children's worship is located downstairs in room 109.  The children will experience their own worship, pray, learn about God, play games, and learn how to live in community with each other. Bring your children to room 109 just before the 11:00am worship, they will be brought to the sanctuary at the end of service.

The nursery (ages infant to 3 years) is available from 9:00am until 12:00pm.