A Season for Commitment

May 19 is Confirmation Sunday, the day 8th grade youth confirm the vows made by family and church at their baptism.  It is also annual Commitment Sunday!  Commitment Sunday this year is particularly important, as Chapel Hill is in a season of   reaffirming its core identity in Christ, while our denomination struggles after a critically divisive General Conference.  

Commitment Sunday is the day we commit to our collective Stewardship, for our leadership and budget year, July 1 - June 30.  We, your Guidance Board and Finance Team, urge you to demonstrate your commitment to the present and future of this congregation, by making clear your intention to give of your time, talent, gifts, and service.  

This time of commitment is not built on the need of the church to reach a number on a budget, but on the need of each person to grow spiritually through a generous heart and faithful support of God’s ministry in and through Chapel Hill.  Instead of emphasizing commitments to the budget, we are asking each person to consider a personal, sacrificial commitment to the many ministries of our church, in our community and to our world.  Combining our promises to pray, to be present, to offer gifts and points of view, to be in service, and to tell our stories of God in our lives, creates a strong community forged in gifts given by the Spirit to be shared freely.  Your commitment is particularly important as an affirmation of our Mission, Vision, and Core Values as we seek our congregational identity apart from the denomination.

As we renew our commitment to a strengthened journey together, we ask you to make this a personal priority.  Together we will be well-prepared, ready to face the next steps God calls us to take in our movement toward  becoming, “a transforming community of faith where each discovers and responds to God’s call.”


Stephanie Giguere, chair                                         Shannon Rininger, chair
Guidance Board                                                         Finance Team                                  

*Please drop your commitment card in the mail or offering basket anytime before July 1.

Commitment Card