Introduction to Portage Chapel Hill Church

Introduction to Portage Chapel Hill Church - Next Class begins Sunday, October 9

Beginning Sunday, October 9, Pastor Barry, Pastor Jess, and Director of Discipleship Tonya Boot will host a 6-week class on the basics of Portage Chapel Hill Church. This class is not just for new folks, but for all who want to explore further connecting to Chapel Hill, or to learn more about our faith and this church. This class will meet on Sundays from 2-3:30 pm at the church; a Zoom option is available.

On Sunday, November 20 Portage Chapel Hill will celebrate the Covenant of Baptism and welcome new members!


If you have questions about this class, please call the church office at (269) 327-6643 or email Pastor Barry Petrucci, Pastor Jess Davenportor Tonya Boot.