Food Pantry

The Romence Road Food Pantry, housed in the lower level of the Portage Chapel Hill Church building, is currently open the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 1 - 2 pm; no appointment is necessary. Volunteers from Portage Chapel Hill and Southridge Church staff the pantry during open hours and help to stock and organize food to prepare for each opening. At the pantry, individuals select items from the nutritional categories based on the USDA's guidelines of protein, fruits and vegetables, and grains. Each food order contains four days' worth of food for each member of their family. The household member picking up the order needs to present their I.D.  

For additional information about the food pantry, or if you are in need of food assistance, please contact Loaves and Fishes through their website,, or call 269-343-FOOD (269-343-3663).

        Food Pantry Helpers      Food Pantry truck