Refugee and Asylum Families

Latest Update on the Refugee Family being sponsored by Chapel Hill and Bethany Christian Services

  • The family arrived safely in Kalamazoo on Wednesday, February 26!
  • The 6 family members are related to Sodiq (21), who has been through Bethany's youth refugee program, has been in Kalamazoo for 3 years, is fluent in English, and attends KVCC:
    • Mom (late 40’s -50’s)
    • Family friend (70’s)
    • Sodiq’s siblings:  sister (18), brother (16), twin sisters (12)
  • The family mainly speaks Farsi
  • The family briefly lived in Iran, then spent most of their time in Afghanistan, and then have been in Turkey the previous few years.

Ways to Help:

  1. Sign up to lead a sub-group or to do a specific task on the Responsibility Sign-Up Sheet.
  2. Sign up to help with transportation for the family on the Calendar of Transportation & Needs for a specific appointment time/day.
  3. Get more frequent updates and access to related files by getting added to the Refugee Resettlement group on Realm.  Email the office at to get added to the group.
  4. Donate household items. Review this list and see what's left to donate. The big items are still a few dressers and a few single bed frames.
  5. Donate money. Many items, such as mattresses, pillows, and bed sheets must be bought new and not donated. Having money to buy these items and other needs like groceries will help offset their tight income for a few months. Go to and write "Refugee Resettlement" in the box by "Other" or write a check with "Refugee Resettlement" in the memo line.

   6. Pray for the family and all others involved. Pray for their peace and comfort as they settle into a new home, new community, and new country. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact:

Susan Smith, Co-Leader of Refugee Resettlement Team:

Pat Catellier, Co-Leader of Refugee Resettlement Team:

Richard Derenne, Chair of Faith In Action Team: