We will be a faith community where everyone is loved and responds to God’s call.

To Respond is to take seriously that God has a unique call in your life...maybe many calls over the span of your years.  Jesus called folks from careers as fishers,  tax collectors, political activists, and lots we do not know.  The call was to "follow" and what that would mean to each over years would vary widely.  On this page you will find ways, as you begin to consider and embrace your call, to express that call at home, in your places of work, in community, and at Chapel Hill.  Being a Christian is not just about what is done in connection to the church.  Your response may be in relationship to being the best life partner you can be, or a truly awesome parent.  It might be leading in your place of business with models that are consistent with the ways Jesus led.  Responding to call may include helping the Church to become stronger, deeper, more faithful, more active, a place of great welcome and openness.  It could mean joining with others to provide food through the cooperative pantry, or to help resettle refugee families from distant embattled lands.  Watch this page for thoughts and opportunities.  God calls to us is a myriad of ways.  How will you respond?