"A Safe Place"

Portage Chapel Hill Church, recognizing the implications of our commitment to Christ, is seeking to ensure that the church is maintained as a safe, secure place where professional staff, teachers, leaders, or helpers minister appropriately to the manifold needs and concerns in the world about us. We are aware of the possibility of abusers infiltrating the church’s programs or of unintentional harm occurring to children. To that end Chapel Hill has completed and implemented a policy of child protection and the prevention of child abuse. Click on the files to download the complete policy and the documents necessary for adult workers with young people to begin the process of being “A Safe Place Certified.” Form F is available here for parental convenience for events for children and youth requiring a permission form (typically for off-site events requiring transportation or over-night events requiring parental release).  Contact Andrea Trantham andreatrantham@pchum.org, for additional information.

Complete Policy (rev.02/24/2014)

Application – to Be An Adult Volunteer with Children or Youth at Chapel Hill

Applicant’s References Form – for Adult Volunteers with Children or Youth at Chapel Hill

Permission Slip – for Child and Youth Activities (Hold Harmless and Medical Release)