Vision & Core Values

 Chapel Hill's Guidance Board gathered the congregation together to set new statements of congregational identity. As the United Methodist Church struggles with identity as a denomination, it was important for Chapel Hill to be clear about who we are as a  congregation. The Guidance Board is pleased to offer these statements of life and faith, or understanding of the church.

The Mission

(what we are purposefully about every day)

We embrace the love and teaching of Jesus Christ and share them with all People.

The Vision
(where we are heading in our future)

We will be a faith community where everyone is loved and responds to God's call.

Welcoming Statement
(what we say to folks, who are coming into this faith community)

Welcome to Portage Chapel Hill, a church where all are welcome. We recognize Christ in everyone and embrace our differences as gifts from a creative God. We challenge ourselves to reflect God's unconditional and forgiving love.

Our Values
(our core truths, without which we would not be Chapel Hill)

Faith - Connection - Family - Inclusion - Outreach - Social Justice - Stewardship