Chapel Hill Youth



Confirmation - Sundays at 10 am

  • Confirmation is for all youth in grades 7-8, and meets Sunday mornings at 10 am. The class meets in Room 108, on the lower level of the church building, and goes in-depth into what it means to be a member of this faith community, both locally here at Portage Chapel Hill and in the global United Methodist Church. Confirmation is typically a 2-year process at the end of which each student will decide for themself whether they wish to be Confirmed into the church. 

    Due to the pandemic, a handful of 9th graders are also included in the current Confirmation class - please chat with Pastor Jess if you have a 9th grader who may be interested in Confirmation.

Senior High Sunday School - Sundays at 10 am

  • Youth in 9th - 12th grades meets for Sunday School each week at 10 am in rooms 114/115. Due to the pandemic, a handful of 9th graders are included in the current Confirmation class - please chat with Pastor Jess if you have a 9th grader who is trying to decide where they belong!

Sunday Night Youth Group - Sundays at 7 pm

  • All youth in 6th - 12th grade will gather together in Fellowship Hall at 7 pm for some initial ice-breaker games.
  • After the ice breakers, middle schoolers and high schoolers split off into small groups for conversation and connecting. Each small group is accompanied by two Safe Place-Certified adults.
  • Sunday Night Youth Group wraps up with fun games for the whole group! 
  • Youth Group meets in Fellowship Hall, which is on the lower level of the church building. Please use the Romence Rd. parking lot and enter the building through the Southwest entry door.


All activities involving minors follow Portage Chapel Hill Church's "A Safe Place" policy. This means that there are two non-related Safe Place-Certified adults present at all times. If you have any questions about the Safe Place policy, or if you are interested in becoming Safe Place-certified, please contact Director of Children's Ministries Andrea Trantham at And if you would like to know more about Sunday Night Youth Group, Confirmation, or Sr. High Sunday School please contact Pastor Jess Davenport at or Pastor Barry Petrucci at